Our Mission:
The Company's mission is to save lives, suppress and control fires, provide emergency medical services, provide fire prevention education, hazardous materials response, water/ ice rescue, public assistance during natural emergencies and other activities as deemed in the best interest of the fire department or citizens of our community. The Company is committed, to the best of it's ability, to provide a safe operation, prevent accidents, illness, fatalities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Albion Volunteer Fire Department

108 North Platt Street

Established 1831



Chief: Rocco Sidari

Deputy Chief: Harry Papponetti

Assistant Chief: Jeremy Graham

Captain: Jared Hapeman

First Lieutenant: Will Francis

Second Lieutenant: Matt Francis

Chief Mechanic: Dale Banker

Fire Police Captain: Jim Herdendorf

Safety Officer: Gary Rowley

President: Lee Miesner RN

Vice President: Al Cheverie

Secretary: Renee Rowley

Treasurer: John Glerum

Chaplain: Fred Piano

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